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Antiochus VII Sidetes

Antiochus VII Eumenes, nick-named Sidetes (from Sidon), reigned 138-129 BC and was the last Seleucidian king of any stature. The brother of Demetrios II, Antiochus was elevated after Demetrius' capture by the Parthians, also marrying his wife Kleopatra Thea. Their offspring was Antiochus IX, thus both half-brother and cousin of Seleucus V and Antiochus VIII. Sidetes defeated usurper Tryphon and laid siege to Jerusalem where, according to legends, the Hasmonean king bought him out by digging up the treasures of king Solomon's grave. Sidetes then attacked the Parthians, briefly taking back Mesopotamia before being ambushed and killed. His brother Demetrios II was by then released, but Seleucid empire was now restricted to Syria only.

Preceded by:
Diodotus Tryphon
Seleucid dynasty Succeeded by:
Demetrius II Nicator