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Anti-Israel movements

The neutrality of this article is disputed.

Anti-Israel movements are movements directed against the Israeli government and sometimes rejecting the Zionist premise of Israel's existence. Such groups vary from the radical left through the extreme right till Islamist exteremist and even terrorist organizations. Some act only at the political level, arranging demonstrations against Israel and call to ban it, while others take violent measures against Israelis and Jews worldwide.

The main types of anti-Israeli groups are:

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Israeli Response

The Israeli government argues that it is not occupying any territories in violation of any law, and that the militants mentioned above are illegal combatants. Israel further argues that it has attempted negotiations, but that the militants are unwilling to negotiate.

Israel also accuses the Palestinian Authority and Yasser Arafat of not only failing to take firm action against the illegal combatants, but aiding and abetting in the crime of terrorism.

Israel also claims that anti-Zionism is merely an antisemitism in disguise (queoting Martin Luther King) and reasons that such groups only derprive the Jew's right for independent state while other state, mainly Arab dictatorships, gain strong support from such groups. That is, Israel claims, proves that they are racist and discriminantive toward Jews.

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