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Anpanman written by Takashi Yanase who is the Japanese writer of stories for children is one of the most popular Anime in Japan.

The "Anpanman Train", Matsuyama, April 2002

Yanase Takashi has written Anpanman since 1968. Many children and adults in Japan love Anpanman. There are some main characters in Anpanman.

Anpanman:Hero in the story, his head is a bun filled with bean jam ade by Jam ojisan. His weakness is water. Jam ojisan:The fater of Anpanman, he made him. He is a baker and very kind. Batako san:Assistant of Jam ojisan. She is a careless woman. Baikinman:Villain in the story, he has the undealing of virus. Cheese:Dog that Jam ojisan has Syokupanman (Shokupanman):Friend of Anpanman. He is sober, earnest, and narcissist. Currypanman:Friend of Ananman. He is quick temper, hot headedness, and sentimental.

In each times Anpanman fought with Baikinman and help the people in the town.He always go on patrol in that area around the house of Jam ojisan. He is a symbol of Justice and everyday fight in the cause of justice.

Anpanman has a long history, but the style has not lost its freshness. Every time the new character enter in the story and it makes Japanese people enjoyable.\n