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Anne Brontė

Anne Brontë (January 17, 1820 - May 28, 1849) was a British author, one of a trio of famous sisters who wrote acclaimed Victorian romantic novels of manners and society.

She was born in the village of Thornton, Yorkshire, England. Her mother died a year later, and the family soon afterwards moved to Haworth where their father was vicar. Two of Anne's sisters, Charlotte and Emily, were also authors and poets. Anne's poetry was published, along with that of her sisters, in 1845, under the pseudonym "Acton Bell".

Her novels are:

Anne died at the seaside resort of Scarborough, England which was also the setting for both of her novels. She was buried at Saint Mary's Churchyard, Scarborough. She had been in Scarborough for only a few days, having been sent there in the hope of curing her tuberculosis — an illness from which her brother, Branwell, and three of her sisters had already died.

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