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Angst is a German word for fear or anxiety. It is used in English to describe a more intense feeling of internal emotional strife. A different but related meaning is attributed to Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855). Kierkegaard used angst (or dread) to describe a profound and deep-seated spiritual condition of insecurity and despair in the free human being. Where the animal is a slave to its God-given instincts but always confident in its own actions, Kierkegaard believed that the freedom given to mankind leaves the human in a constant fear of failing its responsibilities to God. Kierkegaard's concept of angst is considered to be an important stepping stone for 20th century existentialism.

'Angst' is often used to describe the complex negative emotions and conflicts of teenagers and the downbeat lyrics of musical genres such as grunge rock.

Angst is also the name of a supermarket chain operating in Bucharest, Romania. For more information, see Angst (supermarket)