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Angora cat

The Angora cat is a very new British cat breed with a small population base. It is an oriental longhaired cat, and the breed is still in development. They have the body type and nature of an Oriental cat - lean, sleek, intelligent and inquisitive - and a silky medium-length coat which is much longer and thicker than that of a traditional oriental cat or siamese.

Angoras can be any of the standard shorthair colours. The range of possible coat colours includes everything from self-coloured (black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, caramel, fawn, red, cream and apricot), torty, smoke (silver undercoat), shaded or tipped, tabby or white. All angora cats have green eyes, except for the whites, which may be green, blue and odd-eyed whites.

If an oriental longhair (Angora) cat is bred to a shorthaired oriental or a siamese cat, the kittens will all be short-haired. However, if these kittens are reintroduced into a breeding program as adults, half of their kittens will have long coats.