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Andrew Bobola

Andrew Bobola (1590 - 16 May, 1657) was a Jesuit missionary and martyr.

He was born into a noble Polish family. In 1622 he entered the Jesuits in Vilnius. He subsequently took solemn vows in 1630 and became the superior of the Jesuits in Brobuisk. In addition to teaching and preaching, he helped to relieve the suffering brought on by the bubonic plague that was raging through the country at that time. In 1636, Andrew was assigned to the missions in Lithuania, which work was hampered by attacks of Protestants and members of the Orthodox faith. On May 10, 1657 two Cossacks beat him and with their horses dragged his body through the countryside on the way to a place of torture. He was partially flayed alive and finally decapitated.

His feastday is held on May 16.

Subsequently he was joined with St. Peter the Aleut, a martyr for the Orthodox faith at the hands of Roman Catholic priests, in a special devotion for the reunion of the two branches of Christianity.

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