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Andrea Del Boca

Andrea Del Boca (born October 18, 1965) is a famous Argentine telenovela actress. She was born in Buenos Aires.

Del Boca made her television debut as a five year old in a television show hosted by Teresa Blasco. Later on, she starred in La Familia hoy Duerme en Casa. Del Boca then starred in Habiase una vez un Circo, with the famous Spaniard clowns Gaby, Fofo and Miliky. But it was her participation in Un Angel Llamado Andrea that conquered the hearts of many Argentinian television viewers. After that soap opera gave her major celebrity status, she moved on to film, starting to act in that genre at the tender age of nine, with 1974's Papa Corazon se Quiere Casar (Father Love Wants to Get Married), followed by Un Mundo de Amor (A World of Love), Por Siempre Mama (Forever Mom) and, in 1980, Dias de Ilusion (Days of Dreaming).

Del Boca during the decade of the 1980s became as known for her relationships as she was for her acting career, although she did have few public romantic relationships. One of the men she dated was Raúl de la Torre. In 1986, a major scandal broke when de la Torre and his wife were involved in a violent altercation in front of Andrea: punches were thrown, and Andrea had to go to court as a witness.

During that decade, she became known as the Queen of the Telenovelas. Notable soap operas in which she acted include Estrellita Mia (1987), Celeste (1991) and Antonella, (1993). Both in Celeste and Antonella, she acted with Gabriel Bermúdez, who is also a well known actor in Argentina.

Perhaps her most famous post-childhood soap opera is 1995's Perla Negra, where she starred alongside Argentine sex symbol Gabriel Corrado. This soap opera was another major hit nationwide, and, like many of her other soaps, it was also a major international hit. In a famous incident, Del Boca suffered of a Lipotimia while taping one of the soap's episodes.

In 2000, Del Boca became a mother, giving birth to daughter Anna, product of her relationship with Ricardo Biasotti, with whom she broke up before giving birth. Before that, she had also had a relationship with Jeffrey Sachs.