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Amon was one of the most important of the ancient Egyptian gods, and is commonly identified with Ra. See Ammon.

There are also two people called Amon in the Bible:

1. The governor of Samaria in the time of Ahab. The prophet Micaiah was committed to his custody (1 Kings 22:26; 2 Chr. 18:25).

2. The king of Judah and son of Manasseh. Albright has dated his reign to 642 - 640 BC, while Thiele offers the dates 643 - 641 BC. He restored idolatry, and set up the images which his father had cast down. Zephaniah (1:4; 3:4, 11) describes his reign as marked by moral depravity.

He was assassinated (2 Kings 21:18-26: 2 Chronicles 33:20-25) by his own servants, who conspired against him.

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