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American Empire (Harry Turtledove)

The American Empire series is a trilogy of alternate history novels by Harry Turtledove. It follows How Few Remain and the Great War trilogy.

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers

Following the Great War, the United States and German Empire are the dominant world powers. The U.S. has annexed Canada (less the independent Republic of Quebec), as well as Kentucky, Sequoyah (Oklahoma), and portions of Texas, Arkansas, and Virginia, and placed the rebellious state of Utah under military occupation. Having led the U.S. to victory, Theodore Roosevelt now faces a challenge to his third-term bid by the Socialist candidate Upton Sinclair, and struggles to maintain order in the occupied territories as rebels and terrorists strike.

Meanwhile, in the defeated Confederacy, wracked by inflation and despair, a former Confederate Army sergeant named Jake Featherston and his Freedom Party are preaching a message of hate, blaming the southern aristocracy and the "niggers who stabbed us in the back" for the Confederacy's loss.

At the end of the 1920s a pall will be cast over the world as the Great Depression begins, paving the way for demagogues and fanatics to seize power and take revenge.

The first entry in a succeeding trilogy is scheduled to be published in 2004. Tentative titles include Return Engagement and Settling Accounts.