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Alon was started by a group of executives who retired from Beechcraft to found their own company. They had previously negotiated with Forney to purchase production of the Aircoupe from Forney as an introductory trainer in the Beechcraft fleet. The deal was canceled by the widow of Mr. Beach, which caused John Allen and Lee Higdon to leave Beach. They set up shop in McPherson, Kansas where they purchased the Aircraft Type Certificate for the Aircoupe from the City of Carlsbad, New Mexico on 16 March 1964. (The City of Carlsbad had bought the Type Certificate from Forney when the deal with Beach had fallen through.)

The Alon A-2 and A-2A Aircoupes were much improved upon models of the original Ercoupe which differed from it in several ways. The Alons featured a sliding canopy, a more powerful 90hp (up from 75) Continental engine, separate bucket seats and a much improved instrument panel.

Over the period of production (1964-1967) Alon produced 245 A2s, with peak production of 137 in 1966. The last 25 A2s produced by Alon had spring steel landing gear in the place oleo struts.

Another aircraft produced by Alon (although only a single example was ever built) was the A4. The A4 was a low wing 4 place monoplane of aluminum construction powered by a single 150hp Lycoming engine. By all accounts it was a very good airplane, but it was not to go into production before the closure of Alon.

Production of the A2 ceased in September of 1967, and on 9 October of that year, Alon was purchased by the Mooney Aircraft Company of Kerrville, Texas.

More information about Alon can be found in "The Ercoupe" by Stanley G. Thomas or by visiting the homepage of the Ercoupe Owners Club at