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Allen County Courthouse

The Allen County Courthouse in Fort Wayne, Indiana is one of 35 United States National Historic Landmarks in the state of Indiana.

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Designed by Brentwood S. Tolan, construction began in 1897, the cornerstone was laid November 17, 1897. The building was dedicated September 23, 1902 with a final cost of $817,553.59. On September 23, 2002, the building was re-dedicataed on its centennial after a seven-year restoration effort, which cost $8.6 million.

Architectural details

The Beaux Arts-style architecture includes sych features as four 25 by 45-foot murals by Charles Holloway, 28 different kinds of scagiola covering 15,000 square feet, bas-reliefs and art glass.

The atop the building is a 255-foot-high copper-clade domed rotunda, itself topped by a 14-foot statue wind vane of Lady Liberty. The building materials include Bedford blue stone and Vermont granite with Italian marble details.


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