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All Things Must Pass

George Harrison, former member of The Beatles released All Things Must Pass in 1970 (see 1970 in music), a triple album featuring two records of actual songs (many filled with religious themes), and a third containing the Apple Jam.

The record was released on November 27, 1970, and features the talents of Ringo Starr, Badfinger, Eric Clapton (who was left uncredited for over 30 years), Billy Preston, and more.

The tracks are: "I'd Have You Anytime," "My Sweet Lord," "Wah-Wah," "Isn't it a Pity," "What is Life," "If Not for You," "Behind that Locked Door," "Let it Down," "Run of the Mill," "Beware of Darkness," "Apple Scruffs," "Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let it Roll)," "Awaiting on You All," "All Things Must Pass," "I Dig Love," "Art of Dying," "Isn't it a Pity (Version Two)," "Hear Me Lord," "It's Johnny's Birthday," "Plug Me In," "Thanks for the Pepperoni," "I Remember Jeep," and "Out of the Blue."

A remastered CD came out in January 2001, with the bonus tracks of "I Live for You," an outtake from the original sessions; demos of "Beware of Darkness" and "Let it Down"; a backing track of "What is Life"; and an updated "My Sweet Lord."

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