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Alias (television)

Alias is an American television series, created by JJ Abrams, and starring Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow, a CIA double agent.

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Sydney Bristow is a college student who is approached with a job offer by someone claiming to work for SD-6, a black ops division of the Central Intelligence Agency; she accepts the offer and quickly becomes a field agent. When she tells her fianceť Danny that she is a spy, however, he is murdered by SD-6.

It is then that Sydney is told by her father Jack (another SD-6 agent and a double agent for the CIA) that SD-6 is not part of the CIA; instead, it is part of the Alliance of Twelve, an organization that is an enemy to the United States. She decides to offer her services to the real CIA as a double agent. Her offer is soon accepted, and she begins the long and arduous task of destroying SD-6 from the inside.

Sydney is quite the polyglot, speaking English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese, Romanian, Indonesian, Hungarian, Japanese, Uzbek, Urdu and Hebrew fluently.


Executive producers

Episode list

Season 1

  1. Truth be Told
  2. So it Begins
  3. Parity
  4. A Broken Heart
  5. Doppleganger
  6. Reckoning
  7. Color Blind
  8. Time Will Tell
  9. Mea Culpa
  10. Spirit
  11. The Confession
  12. The Box (Part 1)
  13. The Box (Part 2)
  14. The Coup
  15. Page 47
  16. The Prophecy
  17. Q&A
  18. Masquerade
  19. Snowman
  20. The Solution
  21. Rendezvous
  22. Almost 30 Years

Season 2

  1. The Enemy Walks in
  2. Trust me
  3. Cipher
  4. Dead Drop
  5. The Indicator
  6. Salvation
  7. The Counteragent
  8. Passage Part I
  9. Passage Part 2
  10. The Abduction
  11. A Higher Echelon
  12. The Getaway
  13. Phase One
  14. Double Agent
  15. A Free Agent
  16. Firebomb
  17. A Dark Turn
  18. Truth Takes Time
  19. Endgame
  20. Countdown
  21. Second Double
  22. The Telling

Season 3

  1. The Two
  2. Succession
  3. Reunion
  4. A Missing Link
  5. Repercussions
  6. The Nemesis
  7. Prelude
  8. Breaking Point
  9. Conscious
  10. Remnants
  11. Full Disclosure
  12. Crossings


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Alias: The Video Game Release Dates

NOTE: The Alias video game has been delayed. The following dates are now outdated.

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