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Ali Shariati

Ali Shariati (علی شریعتی in Persian) (1933 - 1977), the Iranian sociologist was born in Mazinan, a suburb of Mashhad, Iran. His father was a progressive nationalist preacher, who would later participate in his movements. As a child he attended high school and elementary in Mashhad.

In his years at the Teacher's Training College, he came into contact with youth who were from the lower economic strata of the society and tasted the poverty and hardship that existed in Iran at that time. At the same time he was exposed by many aspects of Western thought as evident in his writing.

He got his diploma from Sorbonne University in France, then continued his studies and gained a doctorate in sociology from the University of Mashhad. It has been speculated that he was killed by the SAVAK.

Shariati is considered one of the most influential ideologic leaders of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

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1 Shariati's Most Important Books and Speeches (with summary)
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Shariati's Most Important Books and Speeches (with summary)

  1. The Pilgrimage (Hajj)
  2. Where shall we begin
  3. Mission of a Free Thinker
  4. The Free Man and Freedom of the Man
  5. Extracton and Refrinement of Cultural Resources
  6. 'Martyrdom, Arise and Bear Witness''
  7. An approach to understanding Islam
  8. A Visage of Prophet Muhammad
  9. A Glance of Tomorrow's History
  10. Reflections of Humanity
  11. A Manifestation of Self-reconstruction and Reformation
  12. Selection and/or Election
  13. Norouz, Declaration of Iranian's Livelihood, Eternity
  14. Expectations from the Muslim Woman
  15. Horr (Battle of Karbala)
  16. Abu-Dahr
  17. Islamology
  18. Red Shi`ism vs. Black Shi`ism
  19. Jihad and Shahadat
  20. Reflections of a Concerned Muslim on the Plight of Oppressed People
  21. A Message to the Enlightened Thinkers
  22. Art Awaiting the Saviour
  23. Fatemeh is Fatemeh
  24. The Philosophy of Supplication

Quotes on Shariati

"I have no religion, but if I were to choose one, it would be that of Shariati's"

-Jean-Paul Sartre

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