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Alfrodull or "glory-of-elves" is a term and common kenning in Norse mythology. It is ambiguous, referring both to the rider and to the sun-chariot of Sol and pulled by two horses, Arvak and Alsvid. The chariot is pursued by the wolf Fenrir, known as Skoll in some accounts. According to Norse mythology, prior to the end of the world, Ragnarok, Sol will give birth to a daughter, the girl will be eaten by the wolf but the daughter will take her place. The name Asphodel is derived from this word.

The following is from Vafthruthnismal:

inn kva:

"Hvaan kemur sl
hinn sltta himin,
er essa hefur Fenrir fari?"

Vafrnir kva:

"Eina dttur
ber lfrull,
ur hana Fenrir fari.
S skal ra,
er regin deyja,
mur brautir mr."

Modern poetic English translation:

Odin spoke:

"From whence will come the sun
To span the skies,
When Fenrir has destroyed the girl?"

Vafthruthnir spoke:
"A daughter born to Alfrodull,
Before the Fenris wolf destroys her.
The girl will ride her mother's paths
When the gods are slain."