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Alfredo Stroessner

Alfredo Stroessner (1912 - ) served as President and dictator of Paraguay from 1954 to 1989. He was born in Encarnación on November 3. His name is spelled either Stroessner, Strössner, or in an even more Germanised way, Strößner. A soldier rising to the rank of General and veteran of the Chaco War, he came to power in the aftermath of the 1954 coup against Federico Chaves. He became sole candidate in many elections. Support from the United States helped keep his regime alive for years. Stroessner's refusal to hold democratic elections and the decline of the Soviet Union led to the end of US aid to Stroessner's regime. Stroessner's own Colorado Party grew angry with him, and he was deposed on 1989 by a member of the Colorado Party, General Andrés Rodríguez. Every president of Paraguay since Stroessner has also been from the Colorado party.