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Alfa Romeo GTV6

The Alfa Romeo GTV6, introduced in 1981 as a revision of the Alfetta Sprint GT and Alfetta GTV, arrived with Alfa's new big six cylinder engine stuffed under the hood of a car designed for Alfa's brilliant four cylinder. As a result the hood received a bulge to clear the top of the intake plenum on the larger V6 block and became the most pronounced feature of this exciting sport coupe. Since the body was largely a revision of the Giorgietto Giugiaro-designed Alfetta Sprint GT, it retained its wedge-shaped mid-1970s lines until the end of production in 1989 (Europe) and 1986 (North America). The new six cylinder engine received rave reviews from the motoring press and found its true home in the GTV6 where it could stretch its legs far better than in the less-sporting Six sedan. During its lifespan the GTV6 went through a number of revisions to gear ratios and received an updated interior for 1984, but it retained its unique rear-mounted transaxle and deDion rear suspension.