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Albula Range

The chief peaks of the Albula Range of the Alps, from the Splugen Pass to the Fluela Pass, north and west of the Val Bregaglia and of the Engadine, are:

Name Elevation
Piz Kesch 3422 meters11'228 feet
Pizzo Stella 3162 meters10'375 feet
Piz dellas Calderas 3393 meters11'132 feet
Fluela Schwarzhorn 3156 meters10'355 feet
Piz Platta 3386 meters11'109 feet
Pizzo della Duana 3133 meters10'279 feet
Piz Julier 3385 meters11'106 feet
Pizzo Gallegione 3109 meters10'201 feet
Piz d'Err 3381 meters11'093 feet
Gletscherhorn 3106 meters10'191 feet
Piz d'Aela 3340 meters10'959 feet
Cima di Lago 3082 meters10'112 feet
Cima da Flex 3287 meters10'785 feet
Hoch Ducan 3066 meters10'060 feet
Piz Uertsch 3273 meters10'739 feet
Piz Grisch 3048 meters10'000 feet
Piz Forbisch 3258 meters10'689 feet
Averser Weissberg 3044 meters9987 feet
Piz Ot 3251 meters10'667 feet
Surettahorn 3039 meters9971 feet
Gross Piz Vadret 3226 meters10'584 feet
Arosa Rothhorn 2985 meters9794 feet
Piz Timun or Emet 3201 meters10'502 feet
Piz Curver 2975 meters9761 feet
Tinzenhorn 3179 meters10'430 feet
Pizzo Lunghino 2780 meters9121 feet
Piz Michel 3163 meters10'378 feet
Stätzerhorn 2576 meters8450 feet

List of passes

The chief passes of the Albula Range, from the Splugen Pass to the Fluela Pass, north and west of the Val Bregaglia and of the Engadine, are:

Note: road status as of 1911.

Mountain passlocationtype (as of 1911)elevation

Fuorcla Calderas Molins to Bevers snow 3130 meters10'270 feet
Fuorcla d'Eschia Madulein to Bergün snow 3008 meters9869 feet
Passo della Duana Avers Valley to the Val Bregaglia snow 2800 meters9187 feet
Sertig Pass Davos to Scanfs foot path 2762 meters9062 feet
Forcella di Prassignola Avers Valley to Soglio old paved cattle path 2720 meters8924 feet
Tinzenthor Bergün to Savognino foot path 2718 meters8918 feet
Forcella di Lago or Madris Pass Avers Valley to Chiavenna foot path 2680 meters8793 feet
Forcellina Avers Valley to the Septimer Pass foot path 2673 meters8770 feet
Ducan Pass Davos to Bergün foot path 2671 meters8763 feet
Passo di Lei Avers Valley to Chiavenna foot path 2659 meters8724 feet
Forcella di Lunghino Maloja to the Septimer Pass foot path 2635 meters8645 feet
Scaletta Pass Davos to Scanfs bridle path 2619 meters8593 feet
Suvretta Pass St Moritz to Bevers bridle path 2618 meters8590 feet
Fuorcla d'Alp Fontauna Bergün to Scanfs foot path 2615 meters8580 feet
Stallerberg Avers Valley to Bivio-Stalla foot path 2584 meters8478 feet
Grialetsch Pass Davos to Sus foot path 2546 meters8353 feet
Flüela Pass Davos to Susch carriage road 2389 meters7838 feet
Strela Pass Davos to Langwies bridle path 2377 meters7799 feet
Albula Pass Bergün to La Punt-Chamues-chcarriage road over, railway tunnel beneath 2315 meters7595 feet
Septimer Pass Bivio-Stalla to Casaccia bridle path 2311 meters7582 feet
Julier Pass Thusis to Silvaplana carriage road 2287 meters7504 feet
Passo di Madesimo or d'Emet Avers Valley to Madesimo foot path 2280 meters7481 feet

(from an old encyclopedia)