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Albert Brudzewski

Albert Brudzewski, Wojciech Brudzewski, Albert of Brudzewo (Latin Albertus de Brudzewo)(1445-1497) Polish astronomer and mathematician, a prominent professor at the University of Cracow, where he stayed for twenty years.

He was born in Masovia was educated at the University of Prague. His study material was Peuerbach's theory of the planets and Regiomontanus' astronomical tables. He gave his last astronomical course at Krakow in 1490. His most famous pupil was Nicolaus Copernicus, who enrolled after 1490, at a time, when Blar only taught about Aristotle. It is a possibility, that Copernicus may have had some private discussions with Brudzewski, since Brudzewski was in closer contact to students due to his position as head of a student dormitory called Bursa Hungarorum.

Albert Brudzewski left Krakow in 1494 and went to Vilnius as secretary to Alexander, Grand Duke of Lithuania, who later also became king of Poland. Died in Vilnius in 1497.