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Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett (born May 9, 1934) is an English writer and actor. Born in Leeds, he gained a first-class degree in history from Exeter College, Oxford.

In August 1960, Bennett, along with Dudley Moore, Jonathan Miller, and Peter Cook, achieved instant fame by appearing at the Edinburgh Festival in the satirical revue Beyond the Fringe. After the Festival, the show continued in London and New York. Bennett's first stage play, Forty Years On, was produced in 1968.

Many of Bennett's characters are unfortunate and downtrodden, as in the Talking Heads series of monologues that was first performed at the Comedy Theatre in London in 1992, and then transferred to television. This was a sextet of poignantly comic pieces, each of which portrayed several stages in the character's decline from their initial state of denial or ignorance of their predicament, through their slow realization of the hopelessness of their situation, to a typically bleak Bennett conclusion.

In 1998 Bennett refused an honorary doctorate from his Oxford college, in protest at its links with the press baron Rupert Murdoch.

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