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Air Nauru

Air Nauru is the national airline of the Pacific island Republic of Nauru. It is subsidized almost entirely by the state; however, the island's chronic economic troubles have caused the airline to lose large amounts of money and to occasionally become insolvent. Its operations were suspended for brief periods in the late 1990s because of Australian concerns over the airworthiness and safety record of its jets. Airline offices and equipment were also frequently repossessed by the Australian government for Nauru's repeated defaults on foreign loans. The airline now has only one plane (a Boeing 737-400), and flies to various destinations in the Pacific region and East Asia. It is stored next to the road that circles the island which doubles as a runway.

Service is kept on a very loose schedule because the aircraft is often used for the transportation of government officials. The current President of Nauru receives monthly kidney dialysis in Melbourne and senior cabinet members and diplomats travel frequently to and from the country to visit international summits and other meetings.

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