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Air guitar

An air guitar is an imaginary musical instrument that can be played anywhere at any time, as it doesn't make a sound and is very light to carry around. It is usually played as an accompaniment to background music that includes heavy metal guitars.

Musical artists often instinctively follow the rhythm and mood of their music with their body while they play which is also a means of identifying meter and keeping time. In rock music, many guitarists exaggerate these movements to make them a part of their performance, some even add acrobatic stunts, the choreography becoming their distinctive trademark. Their fans often mimic their idol's movements in adoration, and can become swept away by the music. Playing air guitar can be considered a specialised form of dance.

For some, playing air guitar has become a hobby in itself, and they pride their ability to mimic the style of countless artists. In fact, air guitar competitions have been held in several countries, and since 1996 The Annual Air Guitar World Championship contest has been a part of the Oulu Music Video Festival in Oulu, Finland.

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