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Air Force Air Commandos

Air Force Commandos fall under three types of duties. There are combat controllers, para-rescue men, , and well ground operators. The combat controllers are similar to air traffic controllers for any major airport but with a few more perks. They essentially take over a previous airstrip or make one, and then direct the planes and helicopters to the ground using extensive methods. Para-rescue men have potenially one of the toughest jobs in all of the armed forces. Not only are they trained and able to fight with just about any special forces group but they can also act as a paramedic on the fighting field. The ground operators are much like the men of Marine Force Recon. They set up ITG or initial terminal guidance for planes. The planes then drop bombs and basically light up the area or coordinates the operators have set up for them. All three jobs go through the same initial training. Their training is very intense and difficult. But after training the combat controllers and the para-rescue men go to separate schools. To be a Air Force Commando is one of the hardest things one can attempt.