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Air Combat Command

The Air Combat Command (ACC) is the major command of the United States Air Force whose mission is to provide air combat forces (mostly aircraft), to other commands, including both commands within the Air Force as well as the unified commands that include elements from different branches of the armed forces. ACC is based at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia.

It was created 1 June 1992 out of the Tactical Air Command (which was thereby inactivated), but also picked up some elements formerly in the Strategic Air Command, such as bombers and ICBMs (although the ICBMs were transferred to the Air Force Space Command a year later).

ACC presently includes the 1st Air Force, 8th Air Force, 9th Air Force, and 12th Air Force, as well as the Air Warfare Center at Nellis AFB. General Hal M. Hornburg has been the commander of ACC since November 2001.

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