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Agonglo was the eighth King of Dahomey. He succeeded his father, Kplinga, and ruled from 1789 to 1797.

Agonglo made several reforms which pleased his subjects: taxes were lowered, and a greater distribution of gifts was made during the annual customs. He reformed the shape of the asen, bringing the innovation of having the offering surface supported by ribs rather than a metal cone, typical of the earlier Allada style altars. After the period of aggressive military expansion of his father, Agonglo consolidated the rule of the dynasty. Despite this, he was successful in the few battles he engaged in and his kingdom grew. His symbol is the pineapple. Agonglo is also notable in being the first of the Dahomean kings to marry a European--one of his wives was Sophie, a Dutch metisse.

Agonglo was succeeded by his eldest son, Adandozan.