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Aemilia Scaura

Aemilia Scaura (ca 100 BC-82 BC) was the only daughter of the patrician roman Marcus Aemilius Scaurus and his second wife Caecilia Metella Dalmatica. By the time of her birth, Scaurus was around sixty and, as princeps senatus, the speaker of the senate, was one of the most important politicians of Rome. After her father's death, Dalmatica married Lucius Cornelius Sulla, who took care of her education and fortune. Sulla also used his stepdaughter for political alliances. In 82 BC, Aemilia was married and pregnant from a man who dared to criticize the dictator's conduct. Sulla was most displeased and forced the divorce. Immediately afterwards, Aemilia was married to Pompey, while still pregnant from her first husband. This marriage boosted Pompey's political career because Aemilia was a aristocratic patrician, while he was from a recent senatorial family. Aemilia eventually died from childbirth shortly afterwards.

The Via Aemilia Scaura is a Roman road built by Marcus Aemilius Scaurus during his term as censor in 109 BC. This Via is mainly a coastal road that connects Placencia to Pisa, passing through Genoa.