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Aegir, originally Ægir, is the ruler of the sea in Norse Mythology. He is a personification of the power of the ocean and its strength for good or ill in the affairs of men. In Norse poetry, the 'jaws of Aegir' were what sank ships at sea. He was also known for throwing massive parties for the gods. He is the husband of Ran.

Aegir is said to have had nine daughters (the billow maidens) (Bara, Blodughadda, Bylgia, Dufa, Hefring, Himinglaeva, Hronn, Kolga, and Unn), and the names reflect the types of waves of the sea; they wore white robes and veils. He is one of the frost giants.

Aegir is descended from Fornjot and brother of Logi (fire) and Kari (wind). He is also called Hler and Gymir. In the Lokasenna, he has a festival for the gods, where he provides the ale brewed in an enormous pot provided by Thor. The story of Thor getting the pot for the brewing is told in the Hymiskvida.

Aegir had two servants, Fimafeng (killed by Loki) and Eldir.

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