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Aedan of Dalriada

Aedan of Dalriada, also known as Aedan mac Gabhran. Aedan was king of Dalriada. He reigned from about 574 to 606 or 608.
He was the son of Gabran, king of Dalriada, and became king after 
the death of his kinsman King Conall, when he was crowned at 
Iona by Saint Columba.  He refused to allow his kingdom to remain in dependence on the Irish Dairiada, but coming into collision with his southern neighbours he led a large force against Ęthelfrith, king of the Northumbrians, and was defeated at a place called Daegsanstane, probably in Liddesdale.

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Preceded by:
Conall I
List of Kings of Dalriada Succeeded by:
Eochaid I