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In Greek mythology, Admetus was a king of Pherae in Thessaly, succeeding his father Pheres after whom the city was named. He is primarily known for his love affair with the princess Alcestis. Apollo was, at one point, banned from Olympus for nine years. During this time he served Admetus well, the god promised him that when it came time for King Admetus to die, another would be allowed to take his place instead. Admetus then fell in love with Alcestis. However, her father, King Pelias, would only give permission if Admetus rode a chariot pulled by lions and boars and other wild animals. Apollo helped Admetus accomplish this and the pair wed. When it did indeed come time for Admetus to die, Alcestis agreed to die for him. Heracles intervened and both of the pair were allowed to live. Later Admetus was succeeded by his son Eumelus, who led the people of Pherae and Iolcus in the Trojan War.