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Adam Leonard

Adam Leonard is an English singer, guitarist and songwriter, whose work deals with subjects rarely tackled (or even considered) by other songwriters. Leonard has dealt with The Mercury 7, Metrolink disaster (see Manchester Metrolink), communication with the deceased (in the towering Psychomanteum), UFO visitation, and Stanley Kubrick in the haunting Music For A Slow Motion Film. With his inventive melodic work, distinctive dark voice (which one critic described as "aural chocolate") and highly unusual repertoire, he is building a devoted following.

In the years 1998 to the present, Leonard has composed over 100 songs, played to audiences in Manchester, London and Ireland, and has released his music via the independent Real Wood Records label. He has also collaborated with Manchesters Gareth Davies, Colchesters acoustic wunderkind James Hibbins, Paris-based Marc Ferre, Australian remixer Jem Burton, and Liverpools enigmatic RP Campbell.

Born in Manchester, Leonard is now based County Down in Northern Ireland.


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