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Adam Duritz

Adam Duritz (born August 1, 1964) is a musician, producer.

He was born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA and has lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and, most recently, New York City.

Adam is lead singer and founding member of the rock band Counting Crows. Before forming Counting Crows, Adam was lead singer for Bay Area band The Himalayans. He was also involved in another San Francisco based band, Sordid Humor.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Adam has had a hand in producing the movies The Locusts, 1997 and in 1998 Burn.

In 1997, he began his own record label, E Pluribus Unum. He signed bands Joe 90, Gigolo Aunts and Neilson Hubbard, all of which he took on the road to open for Counting Crows. In 2000, E Pluribus was put to rest when bought out by Interscope who had no interest in the indie bands that Adam had signed.

Adam's blog-style musings can be found at Adam's Personal Web Site