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Abd al-Muhsin as-Sa'dun

Abd al-Muhsin Bey as-Sa'dun (1879-1923) was prime minister of Iraq on four different occasions:
  1. November 18, 1922 - November 21, 1923
  2. June 19, 1925 - November 1, 1926
  3. January 14, 1928 - January 20, 1929
  4. September 19, 1929 - November 13, 1929

An officer in the Ottoman army, Sa'dun served as aide-de-camp to Sultan Abd-ul-Hamid II before returning to Iraq and embarking on a career in politics. After World War I, He was an outspoken opponent of the British mandate in the country.

During his third term in office, Sad'un negotiated two important treaties: the Second Anglo Iraqi Treaty, ensuring that the Kurd-dominated Mosul province would remain part of Iraq (with assurances for the rights of the local Kurdish population); and the Turkey-Iraqi Treaty in which Iraq promised to pay Turkey 10 percent of its revenues from the Mosul oil fields in return for Turkish recognition of Iraqi control of the area.

During his fourth term in office, Sa'dun committed suicide.