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Abbott and Costello

Abbott and Costello is the name of a legendary comedy team made up of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.

Abbott met Costello in 1931 while Abbott was working as a cashier at the Brooklyn theater. Costello asked Abbott to fill in for his straight man, who was ill. Throughout the 1930s, Abbott and Costello began their career performing together in burlesque shows, minstrel shows, vaudeville and movie houses.

At Costello's request, all profits earned from the act were split 60/40, favoring Abbott, because, according to Costello, "Comics are a dime a dozen. Good straight men are hard to find."

In 1938 they received national exposure for the first time by performing on the Kate Smith Hour radio show, which lead to the duo signing with Universal the following year. Abbott and Costello released their first film in 1940 entitled, One Night in the Tropics. Although Abbott and Costello were only filling supporting roles in the film, they stole the film with their classic routine Who's On First.

Within a couple of years, the comedy team had also their own television (The Abbott and Costello Show) which aired from 1952 to 1954) and radio shows.

Abbott and Costello split up in 1957, after troubles with the Internal Revenue Service that left both men broke.

In 1994, comedian Jerry Seinfeld hosted the television special, Abbott and Costello meet Jerry Seinfeld which aired on NBC to over 20 million homes.


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