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In Celtic mythology, Abarta (performer of feats) was one of the Tuatha De Danaan. He was also known as Giolla Deacair (the hard servant) and was associated with Fion Mac Cumhail.

On tale has Abarta tricking a group of Fianna into mounting a magical gray horse which took them to the underworld until beng rescued by Fionn.

Abarta may have been associated with a servant of Apollo, who was said to have given him a golden arrow (i.e. a sunbeam) which could teleport him, cause him invisibility and give prophecies. In later, more purely Celtic myths, the golden arrow ws changed to a magical horse. Some similarities can be noted between Abaris and Paris (mythology), who slew Achilles with an arrow and the help of Apollo (a solar deity). Abaris' murder of Diarmait ua Duibne by stabbing his heel with a boar's poisonous bristles has parallels with Achilles' story.

Abarta is a company which operates in the soft-drink, newspaper, magazine and oil and natural gas industries. It was founded in 1933 by Rolland Adams.