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A Certain Ratio

A Certain Ratio is a rock band from Manchester. The name is taken from the lyrics of Brian Eno's song The True Wheel.

They formed in 1977, in the punk rock era, but began soon to play more dance-oriented music. The group's permanent members have been Martin Moscrop (guitar, trumpet) and Jeremy Kerr (bass, vocals). Another of today's members, Donald Johnson (drums, vocals), joined early to replace a drum machine. The fourth member in the present ACR, keyboardist Andy Connell, joined in 1983. Three original members have left the band - singers Martha Tilson (left in 1982) and Simon Topping (left in 1983), plus guitarist Peter Terrell, who left in 1983.

'A Certain Ratio' started their career on Factory Records.


The band have released the following albums: