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A Canterbury Tale

A Canterbury Tale is a 1944 film, directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and now regarded as a classic. Made in black and white, the film uses the theme of medieval pilgrimage to highlight the wartime experiences of the citizens of Kent.

Warning: wikipedia contains spoilers

The story concerns three young people: a British soldier (Dennis Price), an American soldier {played by real-life G.I. John Sweet), and a Land Girl (Sheila Sim). As the group arrive in a small Kent town, the girl is attacked by a mysterious assailant who has been putting glue into the hair of local girls. The three investigate the attack, and identify the culprit as a local magistrate, a pillar of the community who gives history lectures to soldiers stationed in the district. They confront him, and discover that his motive is to prevent the soldiers from being distracted by female company. Meanwhile, their own attitudes to their surroundings are changing, and they decide not to reveal his guilt.

On arriving in the city of Canterbury, devastated by wartime bombing, all three young people witness "miracles" of their own.