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9th (Scottish) Division

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9th (Scottish) Division
ArmyNew Army
FormedAugust 21, 1914
DemobilisedMarch 16, 1919

The 9th (Scottish) Division, was one of the Kitchener's Army divisionss raised from volunteers by Lord Kitchener to serve on the Western Front during the Great War.

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The division comprised the following brigades:

;26th Brigade :

;27th Brigade : ;28th Brigade [6] : ;28th (South African) Brigade [8] : ;Pioneers :


Unit History

In the Battle of Loos, notable for being the first battle in which British forces used poison gas, the 9th (Scottish) Division assaulted the Hohenzollern Redoubt, the 5th Camerons suffered horrific casualties, and Corporal J. D. Pollock gained a Victoria Cross for his actions.

The 9th (Scottish) Divison took part in major fighting during the Somme offensive. Notably it relieved the 30th Division at Montauban and later attacked German positions at Bernafay Wood, where it succeeded in capturing vital objectives and forcing a German withdrawl.



  1. Transfered to 15th Division and amalgamated with 10th Battalion The Gordon Highlanders in May, 1916
  2. Transfered to 26th Brigade & replaced 8th Gordon Highlanders May, 1916. Transfered to 32nd Division in February, 1918
  3. Transfered to the 15th Division and amalgamated with 7th Battalion the Royal Scots Fusiliers in May, 1916
  4. Transfered to 27th Brigade & replaced 6th Battalion The Royal Scots Fusiliers in May, 1916
  5. Transfered to 27th Brigade & replaced 10th Battalion Princess Louise's in May, 1916, Transfered to 14th Division in February, 1918, rejoined 9th Division, 28th Brigade April, 1918
  6. Broken up May, 1916 & replaced with 28th (South African) Brigade.
  7. Amalgamated May, 1916 & Transfered to 15th Division.
  8. Replaced 28th Brigade May, 1916
  9. Amalgamated into South African (Composite Regiment) April, 1918 due to heavy casualties, Battalions reformed September, 1918

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