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7-Zip is a data compression and file-archiving program for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It operates either as a command line program or with a graphical user interface. It also features integration with the Windows shell environment. 7-Zip is free software, distributed under the GNU LGPL licence. It is a competitor to the market-leading WinZip program, which is closed source.

7-Zip introduced the flexible 7z file format, but it also supports a number of other compressed and uncompressed archive file formats, including ZIP, Microsoft cabinet (CAB) files, RAR, ARJ, Gzip, Bzip2, TAR, CPIO, RPM, and Debian DEB-archive

For 7z format files, 7-Zip also supports AES based file encryption and the creation of self-extracting archives.

By default the program creates files in the 7z archive format (with the file extension .7z). Such files have the MIME-type application/x-7z-compressed.

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