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5th millennium BC

(6th millennium BC - 5th millennium BC - 4th millennium BC - other millennia)


varies: [1]Creation of the world, according to some analyses of the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, based mainly on a literal interpretation of the genealogy of early mankind given in the Book of Genesis
circa 4500 BCCivilization of Susa and Kish in Mesopotamia


Start DateEnd DateEvent(s)
circa 4570 BCcirca 4250 BCMerimde culture on the Nile
circa 4400 BCcirca 4000 BCBadari culture on the Nile

Inventions, Discoveries, Introductions

?Introduction of writing
circa 4500 BCIntroduction of the plough in Europe financially supports the Wikimedia Foundation. Displaying this page does not burden Wikipedia hardware resources.
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