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3DB was a commercial radio station in Melbourne, Australia and for many years was considered one of the "old guard" of Melbourne radio.

In the pre-television Golden Era of radio 3DB consistently rated number one but the arrival of television and the consequent conversion from Old time radio to music radio were to bring a succession of troubles for DB.

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From 1929 until 1987 3DB was owned and operated by The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd, who also owned The Herald and The Sun News-Pictorial newspapers. (note for modern readers - back then the modern Herald-Sun was two separate papers) and had its studios and newsroom in the basement of the company's Flinders Street headquarters.

In 1987 the HWT sold 3DB to the Albert Family who changed the call letters to 3TT in April 1988 and the station ultimately converted to FM and became 101.1 TT-FM in 1990 - as of 2004 the station uses the moniker Mix 101.1

3DB's old AM frequency of 1026 AM is now occupied by the Melbourne afiliate of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's NewsRadio network.

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