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300-300 club

In Major League Baseball, the 300-300 club is a grouping of players who have hit at least 300 home runs and collected at least 300 stolen bases in a career. It is an accomplishment that requires speed and power and has only been achieved by a handful of players:

In baseball history as of 2003, 97 players have hit 300 or more home runs, but only 15 have stolen at least 200 bases.

Members of the 300-300 club

PlayerHome RunsStolen Bases Teams
Barry Bonds 658+ 500+ Pit, SF
Willie Mays 660 338 NY/SF Giants, NYM
Andre Dawson 436 314 Mtl, Chi-N, Bos, Fla
Bobby Bonds 332 461 SF, NY-A, Cal, Chi-N, Tex, Cle, Stl

†Barry Bonds is also the only member of the 400-400 and 500-500 clubs.

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