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2000 celebration terrorist attacks plot

The terrorist organization Al-Qaida planned terrorist attacks in three places on January 3, 2000.

Table of contents
1 The plots
2 How they all failed
3 Aftermath

The plots

In Jordan, Al-Qaida planned to bomb a fully booked Radisson hotel in Amman, and to attack Mount Nebo and a site on the Jordan river where John the Baptist is said to have baptized Jesus Christ. This targeted tourists from the United States and Israel.

A man named Ahmed Ressam was told to bomb Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California, United States with nitroglycerin.

In Yemen, Al-Qaida planned to bomb the USS The Sullivans with a boat laden with explosives.

How they all failed

Jordanian authorities thwarted the planned attacks on December 12, 1999. The authorities put 28 suspects on trial. 22 of them were quickly found guilty. One of them, a Boston taxi driver named Raed Hijazi, was sentenced to life in prison.

Ahmed Ressam was arrested at the United States-Canada border in Port Angeles, Washington on December 14, 1999. He was found to be in possession of nitroglycerin. He and three other Algerians stood trial for the crime.

Al-Qaida deployed a bomb-laden boat at the USS The Sullivans, but it sank, which meant that such a plot was deferred.


Al-Qaida would successfully bomb the USS Cole on October 12, 2000.