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10th (Irish) Division

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10th (Irish) Division
ArmyNew Army
FormedAugust, 1914
DemobilisedJanuary, 1919

The 10th (Irish) Division, was one of the Kitchener's Army divisionss raised from Irish volunteers by Lord Kitchener in 1914 It fought at Gallipoli, Salonika and Palestine during World War I.

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The division comprised the following brigades:

; 29th Brigade :

; 30th Brigade : ; 31st Brigade : ; Pioneers :

Unit History

The 10th Division was sent to Gallipoli where, as part of General Sir Frederick Stopford's IX Corps, it landed at Suvla Bay on August 7 to participate in the August offensive.

In September, 1915, when the Suvla front became a stalemate, the division was moved to Salonika where it remained for two years.

In September 1917 the division moved to Egypt where it joined General Chetwode's XX Corps. The division fought in the Third Battle of Gaza which succeeded in breaking the resistance of the Turkish defenders in southern Palestine.



  1. Became Divisional Pioneer battalion in June 1915
  2. Disbanded May 1918
  3. Transfered to 66th Division April 1918
  4. Joined Division March 1915, transfered to 27th Division November 1916
  5. Replaced 10th Battalion November 1916
  6. Amalgamated into 6th Battalion November 1916 transfered and amalgamated into the 2nd Munsters (Regular Army, 1st Division) in April 1918
  7. Transfered to 66th Division May 1918
  8. Transfered and absorbed into 11th Royal Irish Fusiliers, (Regular Army)
  9. Regular Army Battalion, joined Division to replace 7th Battalion The Royal Munsters November 1916
  10. Indian Battalions arrived May 1918 until demobilisation.
  11. Both Battalions left for service in France May 1918. 5th Bn. joined 66th Division and 6th Bn. joined 50th Division.
  12. Amalgamated as 5th Battalion in November 1916. Transfered to 16th Division May, 1918
  13. Joined Division in November 1916 as replacement for 6th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers.
  14. Indian and Guards Battalions replaced France bound Battalions in May 1918.
  15. Transfered to 50th Division, April 1918.

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